Monday, 14 November 2016


I tend to let the nasturtiums go wild & free in our garden!  They love to climb up the brush fence, drape over concrete steps and...

...meander through our lavender bushes! They make me happy & so inspired this week's art project!

Also inspired by the recent exhibition by 'Four x Four', I decided to use collage to explore ideas for a design concept.  So I ripped out anything green or orange from a couple of magazines, found the glue stick & started playing!

I created 6 little collage explorations.

This is the one I chose to translate into fabric & stitch.

A rummage through the fabric stash provided me with options.

First things first...preparing the background.  In this case I wanted to reference both the brush fence & the lavender, so I chose to combine the two!

I used strip piecing to create the mid-ground & was very diligent about ironing every new addition once stitched. I regretted not having a fitbit to count how many steps I clocked up going back & forth!!

Completed & stitched to the background, my concern over an abundance of limey greens is eased by how good they look with the purple!!

Time to contemporary-reversify this piece.  First the background & then stitching on the nasturtiums, before...

...cutting back, and then...

...cutting back again.

  This is the finished piece.  There's no embroidery or beading on this one for two reasons; 1) There is more than enough going on in this 15cm square, & 2) I ran out of time!!

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  1. Glad that you are enjoying your own weekly art project. I am having fun too! Here's a link to all of the Weekly Art Project posts so your readers can see all of the fabulous contributions from around the world so far.