Monday, 5 December 2016


Many years ago, I had the privilege of seeing the magnificent cave paintings of Lascaux in France.  Well, to be strictly accurate, they were the paintings in the reproduction of the cave! Never-the-less they made the type of impression that stays with one forever.

Call me crazy...(you wouldn't be the first!)...but I have a pseudo cave painting in my garden! It's high up a tree, but every time I look at it, I see an auroch or some wonderful horned beast with a fluffy white tail.

Do you see it?

This was my muse for today's weekly art challenge!

I started off with a couple of drawings, first a pencil exploration to capture tonal differences & then a play with line & colour.  Drawing is a very important component of any preliminary work I do for an art piece.  Drawing is where the eyes & the hands join forces to feel their way around a subject & then play with & manipulate it to their bidding.  It is an essential exercise.

Settling on a design & then drawing up a 'map' of how I was going to proceed, I then sorted through my fabrics & finally settled on this combination.

I like to prepare the background first & in this case, it meant a little bit of strip patchwork.

Once complete the top sandwich of fabric layers were sewn into place...

...before I started cutting back the first layer...

...and then the second.

Finally the third layer was cut back to reveal a fluffy white tail & an interesting outline.

Further stitching to one side added interest & weight.

Voila...the final result...a way to remember my cave painting in the tree!

Today's project was the quickest I have worked on one of these samples so far; what you've just witnessed is 2 1/2 hours of concentrated work!

Please respect that these photos are all taken by me & are my property. Please ask before using them.  Thank you.

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