Monday, 10 April 2017


This week's art project will be short on words & long on photos, as, in the process of producing my art piece yesterday, I wasn't quick enough to remove my right index finger from the proximity of the sewing machine needle!  Consequently I have a painful gash sliced through the the exact spot where my finger touches the keys when typing!!  Such is life!

Like koalas, kangaroos and the brightly coloured birdlife that flourishes in Australia, trees covered in the  red bottle brush flowers always give me a buzz of delight & wonder!  We have a droopy one in our garden & I love each stage of it's life cycle.
So much inspiration to glean from!

And so exploration & design development commenced!

I loved these & would have been quite happy to leave it there, but I ventured forth... the conclusion of my plan.

I'm not enamoured with it at all, but that's ok.  I played with the images  a little and looked with hindsight at other composition options.
I really like this last one.  Perhaps because it is reminiscent of Maori designs from my homeland.  Whatever the reason, if I were to take this subject further, I think I'd like to start again with this!

Art making could be seen as a never ending story!

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