Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Last week I started exploring the features of the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul that made a particular impact on me.  For this week's art project, I've chosen the second of that list; the reflections of the pillared arches.

Golden light seemed to wash beautiful coppery tones over the whole Cistern & the water below reflected that precision and colour so perfectly that at times it was hard to identify what was solid & what was illusion.

I had two photos to work from, and as is my practice, I started with pen & paper mapping out what exactly I was looking at.   Whilst blocking out shapes & lines, I was also asking myself what I wanted to do with this information I was drawing into my work book. What did I want to play with today?

The answer was repetition.

I often use mirror imaging in my architecture inspired art works.  This time however, I wanted to do more than just a couple of mirror images.  Therefore,I decided to divide my A4 space into 9.  This meant I had a rather small size in which to create a design that reflected the pillars & arches of my inspiration.

Once I had worked up a rough idea of what was physically possible within that space, I photographed with my mobile phone & then using one of my nifty little apps....

... I had before me a rough idea of what my design could potentially look like...eventually.

This was an intriguing image, so I set to work cleaning up my design, tracing it onto an A4 sheet of paper, then transferring it to fabric.

First layering, and stitching and then...let the cutting back begin!!

This was the end result & I am very happy with it.

I know that it is a little shabby looking with all those fraying edges & yes, I would have been wise to have snipped them back before taking this photo!  However...the light was fading & I needed the photo immediately!

It was a mammoth cutting task in a day that was interupted with frustrating telephone conversations (with internet provider)s, so...I was quite distracted.  Nevertheless, this piece draws me in.  It alludes to what it could be if it was repeated many times over.  My eye is drawn to the surface then it travels further into the depths, before coming back again.

Because my photo isn't perfectly square, this version through my app is a little distorted, yet it does give an idea...of a slightly pinker version...of what my design might look like.

It does capture the essence of those repetitive reflections in the Basilica Cistern to me. Another weekly art project well worth investing the time in. :-)

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  1. A delightful piece, Love to see your process and wonder at how it will emerge. Hope you make a larger version, certainly a winner.