Tuesday, 3 April 2018


For my first weekly art project of April, I have chosen to return to those wonderful tiles that adorn the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, to concentrate on just one of the flowers represented in their decoration.  Carnations have inspired a variety of tile designs, and interweave amidst tulips, lilies & wonderful leafy forms.  Hopefully this month, I will be able to spend some considered time with each, but today...it was carnations!

Out came my tile photos & once again I wished I had a decent magnifying glass!  If I had been working at the computer I could easily have enlarged images, but that was not possible in this case.  The good thing about not having a perfect source to work from, is that I can fill in the gaps with my own creating...making a design that is more unique, than a perfect copy!!

From the photos, I drew whatever designs I could loosely interpret as carnation-like in some way.  I also brought out my sketch book from Istanbul.  Instead of leaving them in their black linear form, I  got out the coloured pencils & played with a few colour options.

This took rather longer than I had hoped....I've said that a few times havent I!!!!

Eventually,  all the data was collected (drawings done & coloured in), so I began to create a design incorporating some of these carnation variations.

After rummaging through my fabric stash, making choices, cutting to size, ironing, layering up & then sewing the design through them all...it was time to contemplate the cutting back.

First though, I used my white pen to mark where I wanted my first cuts to be.

Once that first layer was cut back, the outlines were revealed, & the design started to take shape from there.

Here's what happened with further cutting back...
At last all the layers were cut back & I was very pleased with how it  looked.  I just needed to add a couple more little details for it to reach completion.

Scissors, embroidery thread & fabric pens came to the rescue & I was very pleased with how their contributions altered the way the design looked .  I'm partiularly pleased with the not-completely-mirror-image version of symetry that I have managed to achieve.  A very pleasing result...phew!

It was fun looking at carnations...next week tulips... maybe???

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