Saturday, 16 September 2017


As I sit here to write this blog, my eyes are streaming, my nose is dripping & I want to scratch my eyeballs out!  It's Spring!

We've had a lot of lovely rain lately, which translates into LOTS of spring growth!  The bees are loving my garden at the moment & I am happy to help them out...they need as much help as they can get!!

My lavender speckles the green foliage with it's purple beautiful...and a worthy muse for this week's art project.

Short on time, my initial planning was whipped together pretty quickly with felt pens.

I knew I wanted to play with the linear cutback work I've been developing, but still needed this all important part of the process to help get me on my way.  The green striped background came together well, but I wasn't sure where to go with my lavender stems!!  Tempted as I was to do them as straight vertical lines, I chose to stick with their various curves, which made a more interesting combination of lines.

I raided the green fabric drawer!

I composed a background of various greens, before...
...covering them up to stitch lines across, which I then...
...cut back!  Call me crazy...but I LIKE this!!  It seems a shame to put lavender stems in the foreground, but that's the plan, so that's what I needed to now do!

To make the stems a bit more interesting, I used a variegated thread & stitched a double line down the length of the lavender stems.  I was pleased with this look.

A fair bit of cutting back later & this is my end result.

Aside from realising that I got a couple of the purples the wrong way around, I am relatively pleased with it as a sample piece.  Were I to try it again, I think I would like a less contrasting stem colour & I'd carefully place the purples on top of the stem colour, so that they become the more dominant feature.  I certainly see potential for an interesting piece here & am a teensy bit frustrated that I can't drop everything I'm working on at the moment to explore this further!  Such is life!  At least I have a starting point for future work!

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  1. Great abstraction. Thanks for joining me on the weekly art project.