Monday, 13 November 2017


It is actually here!
The last of my 52 weekly art projects!

You would not believe how difficult it has been to choose which inspiration from my garden would be my muse for this final project.  As I have looked around my garden areas, I have been made very aware that it would be easy to continue using these plants, birds, animals & trees as a source of inspiration for another year of weekly art projects...but I wont.

As summer has made itself known, and many of my plants have shriveled under it's glare, there is one that has stood defiant, looked the heat in the eye & dared to bloom in pure brilliance.  Red geraniums are dotted throughout my garden areas not only because they are hardy, but because they are beautiful.  As we can no longer avoid the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, I thought this flower the perfect subject to explore for this art adventure!

Drawing, drawing, drawing...all part of the exploring of line & shape & working out how best to place them within the frame!

Once a design was settled upon, it was time to consult the stash.  I knew that I had the PERFECT fabric for the flower section of my geranium, but wasn't sure what else would work alongside it.  After much huffing & puffing...this was my chosen line up.

You'd think that, it being the last of this series of 52, I'd be more diligent about photographing each & every stage...but alas, I wasn't!  Never the less, this was how it looked when my two 'outline' layers had been cut back.  Already I was very pleased with my fabric choices.

More cutting back & a black shadow adds depth to the stems & my lovely dotty fabric is revealed.  It is so tempting to leave it all there, but...

...back it was cut!

Finally, the finished Geranium was revealed.

I am quite delighted with this end result.  The colours & fabric choices all work well together & that floral fabric is as perfect as I thought it would be.  The bright green doesn't distract too much, but adds energy & interest.

What a way to end this series.

What next?  Well, I will be doing another weekly art project next year & I will tell you all about that in my next blog post!  Until then...happy art making!

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