Sunday, 26 November 2017


Inspired by Brenda Gael Smith to do a weekly art project based on a garden related theme, I've decided to give it a go.
I have given myself some rules eg; only Monday can be used for this exercise, they all must be 15cm square & contemporary reverse applique, I mustn't get my knickers in a twist if I don't like the results & I must remember that it is just an exercise.
This is how the first attempt went...

Our Bluebells are flowering in abundance (sept '16) and we have several beds of them around the house.  They are our little patches of England, and remind us of the carpets of Bluebells we used to see when walking in Tehidy Woods while living in Cornwall.

They, being so very beautiful, are the perfect inspiration for my very first Weekly Art Project.

I began by drawing.
Drawing is very much a process of getting to know one's subject & I consider it essential, even if my end result will be worked in fabric and stitch!

After settling on a design & a colour range, it was 'search the stash' time!  After drawers filled with options...I chose these as my palette!

After a few hours of stitching and then cutting back, and then a final play with hand stitch...this was my final result.

I'm not particularly happy with it!  As soon as I pinned it up on my work board, I began the process of, "oooo.....I should've done that there & this here."
My immediate impulse was to start again, but this project had taken me ALL day!
I was even thinking about it as I went off to sleep!  The mantra "it's just an exercise' wasn't getting through, so what do I do...commit to this project & take the consequences of mental anguish & a lump of time...or not?
I still havent decided yet.
I'll keep you...posted!!

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