Sunday, 8 January 2017


 Following on from last week, I have been taking more notice of  branches from the trees on our property, and chose the above as my inspiration for this Monday's little project!

What interested me was that in certain lights, the branches of the tree BEHIND this tree showed up between the branches of the one in the foreground.

After a quick pen sketch, I played with different light & dark options, before exploring possible backgrounds for  this design.

Rummaging through my stash, I found supplies for what I hoped to achieve.

From a technical perspective, I wanted to work on definition of line today. Some of those lines would require stitch & others...careful cutting.  Concentration was needed to remember which layer to stitch first....& what layers of fabric to make sure were safely tucked away under it!!

My topmost layer for stitching, was the white.  Don't panic about the purple lines you see in the photo above...they are from air erasable pens, which I trace the design onto my fabric with.  These pens are essential components in my tool kit!!

I bring out the air erasable pens again to work out WHERE my first cutting lines are going to be.

After the first cut-back, this is what I have.  Doesn't it look like a stick figure person doing a dance!!

This is after the second layer is cut back...

...and the third...
...and the fourth...

...and finally, after the fifth & sixth cut-backs, this is the final result.

I would very much have liked to have had more interesting red fabrics for the darker two shades of red, but I had to make do with what I had in my stash & this was it!

The line was where my focus was today & I am pleased with the different widths of line & the shadow & darker outlines...although I acknowledge that they don't show up so well in this photo!  I also enjoyed this little exercise & am happy to have something more to remember this tree by.

I wonder what will inspire me next week!


  1. Très beau travail et magnifique démonstration

  2. I really like your contemporary reverse applique & where you are taking it