Monday, 30 January 2017


January 26th was Australia Day, so we did what many Aussies do when they have a day off in the summer...we went to the beach!  However, we weren't there to bathe in either the sun nor the sea, but to walk along the beachfront looking at the magnificent sculptures on display in the annual Brighton Jetty Classic Sculpture Competition.

Here are some of my favourites & this compilation is but a taste of what is exhibited.

The sand dunes are a perfect place to showcase sculptural work, & it was a particularly poignant location for 'The Observers' by Greg Johns. These wonderful figures look out to see observing whatever the waves bring towards them & whatever is played out on the shore.  To me they represent the Kaurna People, watching the first Settlers coming ashore, not yet realising how their world would be altered. It gives me shivers!

'Disorder Of Things' by Will Hendriks was a splash of colour filled fun.  I liked taking in the different shapes & angles as I walked around it.

Another poignant piece was 'We The People; Deer Hart' by Clancy Warner.  This brave warrior Sentinel was so striking against the sea.  It is hard to tell from this photo, but the body is made of reclaimed railway sleepers & the antlers are bronze.

This clever Mother & Joey is by Joel Zimmerman & made completely of scrap metal.  I truly admire people who can take scraps & make something recognisable out of them.  These also looked fabulous in the sand dune setting.

Part of the fun of walking along looking at these sculptures is hearing what other viewers say about them. According to some, 'Cutlery Set' by Alexandra Devitt-Lansom, should be out the front of a restaurant!  Whereas my husband feels that Ikea should buy it...this sculpture goes with their colour scheme after all!!

What fun to see this magnificent sea serpent by Bruce Long & Linda Baker frolicking in the sand!  It is made of recycled boots, with mosaic waves alongside!!

This 'Desert Blossom' by Brent Quilliam was stunning not just because of the beautiful shape & use of materials, but because of the dedication; to the unsung heroes who give up their time to help the "broken, beaten, weary & helpless".  Just imagine this surrounded by water & tropical plants!

If I'd won the lottery I would have loved to have bought three of these to reside in my garden!!   Chris Murphy had a number of his rusted metal Grass Trees on display & they looked brilliant grouped together.

Inside the tent smaller sculptural works were displayed & I have to say that THESE are the only flies I have ever liked! 'No Flies On Me Mate' by my T'Arts colleague Anna Small were very popular with the crowd & didn't annoy anyone!

I particularly liked this mosaic piece, 'Terra Rosa' by Mignon Clift.  She used a variety of found materials to represent the coast.  It works for me!

This was one of those sculptures that one just had to touch!  'Sealion Bird Bath' by Silvio Apponyi was sooooooo stunning!
I could have sworn those sealions were actually moving!!

I am a big fan of Warren Pickering's work.  Each year he puts something into this competition which makes me want to sit down quietly in front of it & just be.  He is very inspired by sea vegetation forms & creates, what I consider to be, meditative pieces.  This is even more stunning in real life & , personally, I think it is particularly beautiful with the sea as a backdrop.

Finally this wonderful wave, which is reminiscent of the New Zealand Koru to me. I apologise, I didn't get the sculptor's name for this one.  If you can, you'll just have to go down to the beach, look at it, & find out who made it for yourself!

Such a wonderful excursion.  I hope you've enjoyed this taste of it!

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