Monday, 23 January 2017


Before it got too hot on Sunday, I managed to spend a couple of hours doing some gardening.  Whilst trimming back the Correa I noticed that it is currently in flower, and decided that it would be my muse for this week's art project exercise.

The flowers are tiny, and only really noticeable when up close to the bush.  On  inspection I can see why it is known as the (Australian) Native Fuchsia.   With it's bell shaped cap & it's long elegant petals, it is a very dainty flower.

As per usual, I began with drawing of both flower & leaf shapes.  Using coloured pencil I then completed a quick colour study.

Whilst drawing the leaves, I had noticed that the shape was very similar to a small leaf wood block stamp in my 'tools' stash.  Having never used it before, I thought I'd see what it looked like & with a little playing & further drawing, a design began to take shape.

After auditioning suitable fabrics for each role in this design, I began by preparing the background. Not having a stamp pad, I worked some paint into a strip of felt & used that instead.  It worked brilliantly.

I like the imperfections in the stamping, & I was very pleased with the whole outcome.

After ironing my other fabric choices, transferring the design to the top layer & pinning that sandwich of fabrics together, I had to think about thread.  Usually I choose a thread colour as close to the top layer of fabric as possible.  This time, however, I decided to play a little & chose a variegated green thread for the top stitching instead, whilst keeping the black thread in the bobbin.

I had to be very careful with the stitching because it would be a lot more visible than if I'd stuck with just black!  This photo shows the stitching & my first efforts at cutting back.  I like the bold shapes of the flowers & the dot-like stitching. Part of me was tempted to leave it there, but, no...

...I kept cutting back one layer...
...after another...
...until the whole piece was revealed.  It just needed a little tiny tweek to make it feel fully completed.

Voila! The addition of beads elevates this simple design & I am very happy with it.  It may be very basic contemporary reverse applique, but it is still effective.



  1. Lovely! It's great to see the step by step progress. Looking forward to seeing some of your work in Adelaide next week at the gallery!

    1. I hope you have a great visit to Adelaide Jane! Thanks for your encouragement.

  2. Like Jane, I think for others to see the process you use may help them to improve their practice. A beautiful little piece Joy.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement & support Jean.

  3. Love Correa play, the background & the process